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Reason? Because we can offer it to you for free. So what is it about this mtumba business craze, everybody is selling! And recently I met a post where someone was holding WhatsApp classes to teach about mtumba business. Are … Readmore

What your dress says about you

What your dress says about you Did you know you can pass a message through your dressing? Well, that is absolutely possible. Over the same, you can still display a message through your clothing without knowing it. Therefore, it is … Readmore

Stress affects your appearance

Stress is a feeling of emotional and physical tension. It is typically brought about by situations of anger and frustrations, among other issues. Stress can even prevent you from leading a healthy life. Most of you are aware that stress … Readmore

Why you should walk 30 minutes a day

Why you should walk 30 minutes a day Walking 30 minutes a day has a good chance of keeping the doctor away. The walk has several health benefits associated with it. It is so unfortunate that many adults don’t walk … Readmore

Matching your hair and clothing color

Putting together a fabulous look needs some skills and coordination. You need to understand that certain outfits come out well with specific hairstyles. If you aim to match your hairstyle, outfit, and accessories to look fabulous, this post is meant … Readmore

10 things the colors you wear say about you

You surely have the favorite color that you love wearing. However, do you know that this color means a lot about your personality, emotions, and mood? Even though it would be challenging to know the symbolic meanings associated with every … Readmore

Best gifts for a baby shower that won’t make you look cheap

Do you intend to attend a baby shower of one of your friends? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed on the best gift to carry along, considering we are living in tough economic times. That is perfectly normal. No … Readmore

Cycling gaining popularity

Cycling in Kenya has become quite popular these days. In the past, cycling was done to ease movement. Most people used bikes to go to work, school, visit their loved ones, or even carry passengers or luggage to different destinations. … Readmore

Top 10 gifts for your boss that could give you a raise

Do you want to get in good terms with your boss and probably get a rise? Finding a perfect gift is an uphill task. Fortunately, that is behind you now. This post is meant to help you come up with … Readmore

Spotting fake Gucci shoes

Gucci is an iconic label in the fashion industry specializing in handbags, shoes, jewelry, and luggage. When someone mentions the word Gucci, the only thing that comes to people’s mind is high-quality products. The products have a rich fashion legacy … Readmore

Nairobi Standard Chartered Marathon

Nairobi Standard Charted Marathon is here with us yet again. In most cases, it is a family affair. It provides a perfect opportunity for loved ones to spend some quality time together and most importantly, do some physical exercises. The … Readmore

How to wear sneakers with a suit for men

Who said you should not wear sneakers with a suit? It is very much possible to wear such a combination and still rock it. However, this might prove to be a nightmare if you do not know how to go … Readmore

History of coach handbags

The Coach with its Cs have been around for some time. Coach designer bags are a common fashion brand with notably a great sense of class and affordability when compared to other top brand fashion giants. Coach has been in … Readmore

Dressing for an interview, the dos and don’ts

So a job, or should I say a good job, just like a good woman, requires super seduction. I won’t tell you to arm yourself to the teeth, this isn’t a war, but then how you present yourself for an … Readmore

10 Ways to rock black and white outfits for women

Although black and white may be a generic combination, it is still the most versatile one. Interestingly, the black and white combination is not only the easiest but also the most timeless color pairing in fashion. There are endless ways … Readmore

Why shop for mtumba?

Gone are the days when shopping for mtumba was nothing to be proud of. Mtumba items were meant for the less privileged in the society since they could not afford the new ones. However, things have changed, and second-hand shopping … Readmore

Outfit colors that blend well with red clothes

Red is an outstanding color for all seasons. You never go wrong with a red outfit, and it gets merrier when you select the right colors to blend it with. Further, if you know how to blend it with other … Readmore

What to wear on a first date

Getting ready for a first date can be a nightmare especially if you are not sure of what to dress. Whether you have been in the dating world longer or you have a deep sense of personal style, you still … Readmore

Your complete guide to wearing a trench coat

Wearing a trench coat offers you the best way to pull an outfit together in style. During this cold season, you may also want to keep yourself warm by wearing your favorite trench coat. If you are wondering how to … Readmore

Its winter in Kenya, dressing tips for this cold season

It is that time in Kenya where the cold and frigid weather is here with us again. Although Kenya enjoys a rather warm tropical climate in most months, the months of June, July and August can really get colder. Another … Readmore

Choosing the right underwear for your body type

Underwear is the outfit’s foundation and the layer closest to your skin. Therefore, it should be chosen carefully to serve these services perfectly. Surprisingly enough, most people put the least attention into choosing their underwear. When you fail to choose … Readmore

The bucket bag craze

A great handbag is an investment and a good friend to every lady. There are quite a number of luxury handbags in the market but none can be compared to the bucket bag. It is really becoming a rage now … Readmore

What’s in my bag?

A woman’s bag, probably the most valuable and secretive everyday asset. Have you ever wondered what is normally contained in someone’s Bag?  Then you must be nosy, but lemme cure just 15 percent of your curiosity. To begin with, these … Readmore

Rucksack and Backpack…..what’s the difference?

Could you have tried to figure out what is the difference between a rucksack and a backpack but have failed? The truth is, a rucksack is actually a kind of a backpack! These two terms are mostly used interchangeably but … Readmore

Interesting ways to spot fake fashion

Are you the type who invests in branded clothes and high-quality items such as shoes, bags, belts and the like? Well, this post is meant for you. You well know how a Gucci wallet looks like. However, can you really … Readmore

How Instagram promotes fake fashion

The intention of Instagram is to become the future of shopping. However, this has become a great challenge since there is a massive fake fashion problem. Instagram is highly used as a platform where one can sell or buy fake … Readmore

How to spot a fake watch

It is not really worthy to buy a fake watch. This is not easy though, the market is currently flooded with counterfeit watches. The surprising thing is how they keep on getting more and more convincing. Further, even the prices … Readmore

How much to spend on clothing every month

Most people will agree that they spend a substantial amount of their hard-earned money on clothing. However, should you spend all of that? What should be the most ideal clothing budget be?  Most financial experts recommend 5% of your total … Readmore

Smart handbag storage ideas

Deciding where to store your handbags is essential because your room will not only be organized but your handbags will be protected. You will decide where to store your handbags depending on the available space. Spaces such as the back … Readmore

Buy Cheap Look Expensive

There’s no magic in looking good, it’s the power of choice. The choice to spend a lot, or the choice to spend smartly. A Ksh 500 mtumba dress or an affordable bag from Uzando Collection ends up looking better than … Readmore

A guide to men’s shoe color combinations

Men do not have it easy when it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes. There are some who do not give much attention to their footwear but there are others who have no idea what they are supposed … Readmore

Why the white sneaker craze is here to stay

All white sneakers are one shoe silhouette that has been reigning for quite some times now. In fact, this trend seems not to be going anywhere anytime soon. The fashionistas and celebrities alike are into this style. The white sneakers … Readmore

Buy fashion, make your own style

You can buy fashion but you cannot buy style It is easy to buy fashion since you just need money to buy all the designer outfits in the universe. However, this is not the same case with style. Style is … Readmore

Caring for your Bag

A good leather designer handbag is an investment, any lady can attest to that. But there’s more to just buying a handbag, you’ll always want to take care of it. Now, taking care of a leather handbag isn’t a walk … Readmore

Buy Cheap Look Expensive

There’s no magic in looking good, it’s the power of choice. The choice to spend a lot, or the choice to spend smartly. A Ksh 500 mtumba dress or an affordable bag from Uzando  ends up looking better than a … Readmore

Fashion Tips – Behind the scene.

We all have some custom things that are primarily within us. We never realize that we do until someone mentions it out to the reach of our ear. That is exactly how it is when it comes to fashion too, … Readmore

Perfect bag for perfect occasion

From a wide range of fashionable bags, personal items matters. Its good to have a bag wardrobe different occasions. Selecting a handbag for occasions feels like an elimination of choices. You have two bags in your mind, one that’s durable, … Readmore


   Shoes have evolved from being a personal necessecity to becoming fashion statements. There’s always a perfect pair for every occasion. We all need a perfect shoe wardrobe and definitely you're at the right place. Many of us always get this … Readmore

Is It My Type of Bag?

Have you considered giving your bag the scrutiny it deserves when shopping just like you do with your pair of jeans? Yes you should. Your handbag tells a lot about you almost as your clothes do. Your choice of handbag … Readmore

Style hype

Hey there! we've got you some amazing deals this season In each category we display best deals that truly will fit your needs. MEN Finding high quality men’s fashion, but Uzando makes it easy! Boasting a wide assortment of fashion … Readmore

Why uzando

Indulge In Online Fashion With Uzando! If you’re searching for the latest fashion and accessories for your entire family, then you’ve clicked on the right place! Uzando is the ultimate online shopping portal that offers fashion,from bags and shoes all … Readmore